Are you motivated and talented, but dissatisfied with your job or career? Maybe you know what you’d like to do next, but the job search isn’t panning out? Or, you’re self-employed, but you’re having trouble attracting the right clients? You’re ready for meaningful work, but you need some clarity about which path to follow?

I can help!

I’ve always had a knack for seeing through confusion to understand what’s underneath.

And now with the experience gained from helping hundreds of clients succeed I can quickly get to the heart of what is bothering you and help you recognize how to put your unique talents to work.

Today, I see myself as a catalyst – someone who helps people make good things happen in their lives. Clients comment on my ability to listen to them, encourage them and offer tools to help make their dreams a reachable reality. My clients frequently say:

“I wish I had worked with you sooner.”

But, what’s really music to my ears? When they say “You helped me turn a frightening transition into an adventure!”

My goal, simply, is to help you do the work you are meant to do successfully. There’s a reason most of my clients come by referral. Word gets out. There are families where I’ve worked with every member – including the cousins! – because they see the value of the results so clearly.

Are you ready to move ahead confidently, with a strategy that works?  

I prepare my clients to:

- Use the most effective techniques to land that allusive new job

- Follow their passions, change careers to something more fulfilling

- Attract clients who need you and what you offer

Learn more about how I can help you.  Click on the right to arrange an exploratory conversation about who you want to be and how to takes the first steps toward getting there. Or email me at pmufson@comcast.net.


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