For 25 years Phyllis Mufson has helped clients move from places in their lives of exhausted possibility to new challenges and fulfillment.

As a personal coach, Phyllis has helped hundreds of clients build a bridge between their wildest dreams and their current situation, kept them focused on their goals and helped them persist and not settle for second best.

As a career consultant, she has helped them with job search skills and strategies, business marketing plans, negotiations, and other practical concerns needed to bring goals to fruition.

Unique to Phyllis' work is the insight it affords clients to a deeper self waiting inside. With Phyllis as coach, transition comes with a deep glimpse of unexplored terrain within, evocative of new interests and new direction. Whether moving from one well-defined career point to another, or following a vision across open country, the journey always ends with new vistas and the reinvention of self.

Phyllis has served as director of Career Services at Moore College of Art and Design, and as a marketing and public relations executive. She is a certified Life Coach with the Coach Training Institute and a graduate of their Co-Active Leadership program, and serves on the U.S. board of the Association of Career Professionals International.

She has spoken before many professional organizations about how to create work with meaning within the opportunities and constraints of todays' world. She has presented talks and workshops to audiences ranging from chambers of commerce to the Association of Psychological Type. Her insights and ideas have appeared in national newspapers, on radio programs and TV.

Before beginning her career as a life coach and consultant, Phyllis was a successful artist working in textile design. Her work sold nationwide to individuals and corporate collectors. She was a founder of the San Francisco School and Gallery of Textile Arts, and the winner of a National Endowment for the Arts grant.

Currently she finds artistic expression as a jeweler. You can see her work at her online stores, Personal Treasures and Mufi Jewels


Phyllis Mufson is a genius with people. She combines intelligence, sensitivity and respect for the individual with an encyclopedic knowledge of the options and opportunities available in the real world." . . . Barbara Sher, Author or Wishcraft, I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was and Live The Life You Love.

What her clients have to say:

"Since beginning coaching my focus is clearer, and my decision making is better grounded. Phyllis reads me, responds to me and motivates me more effectively than others have. When working with me, she is totally connected to what is going on with me."

"Coaching has very much kept me focused and moving forward--even when my inclination tends otherwise!"

"Yes, I have built my business, and while achieving my goals, I also came to better understand the importance of relationships and kindness within them. And I have been able to approach new relationships with warmth."

"Phyllis is straight forward and honest. She loves what she does, and that makes talking to her feel really good."

"Working with Phyllis helped me immensely in areas I never thought I'd conquer. All of a sudden, stuff I used to dread becomes sort of easy. Like talking in a group, which I could never do. All of a sudden I'm raising my hand!"

"I have had some pivotal moments in my work with Phyllis. My most memorable was when I went from feeling an external crushing pressure to feeling like the world was completely in my hands. In that moment I realized that I am really the teller of my being."

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